Is it possible that Ayleen (14) met her accused murderer on Fortnite?

On Friday, the corpse of 14-year-old Ayleen from southern Baden was discovered in Teufelsee, Hesse. The adolescent from Gottenheim in the area of Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald has been missing since July 21. Her mobile phone was last found 300 kilometers away, near the lake.

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The authorities are presently investigating if Ayleen was also killed there, as well as whether she travelled to Hesse willingly. The investigation team claimed during a news briefing on Monday that the 29-year-old German with a criminal record met Ayleen over social media and the Internet game Fortnite. Fortnite is a 2017 survival shooting game classified for ages 12 and above. In the free edition of Fortnite - Battle Royale, a group of players parachute over a randomly generated environment in the hopes of surviving.

The precise nature of Ayleen's online communications with the detained individual is still being probed. The detectives seem to be interested in learning what Ayleen's parents and siblings knew about her Internet relationships.

Dieter Inhofer, the chief of the Freiburg public prosecutor's office, said that the court was dealing with tough investigations that would most likely last weeks.

Items pertaining to Ayleen were seized in the flat of the apprehended suspected killer in Wetzlar, according to Hessenschau. According to the Black Forest authorities, the suspect is a discharged sex offender who has engaged in a special surveillance program to lessen the chance of repetition. He is claimed to have spent ten years in a mental facility after an attempted rape when he was 14 that harmed the victim.

Ayleen was last seen at the main railway station in Freiburg, according to witnesses. However, the investigation team is now following up on hundreds of citizen tips.

Many people in the Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald area are shocked.

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