Is John Cena Spotted in the Official Fortnite Release Trailer?
John Cena Fortnite

Official John Cena Trailer Fortnite has welcomed John Cena into the ring. As part of the Epic SummerSlam, 16-time Champion John Cena enters the battle royale game. Players may purchase the new John Cena Outfit from the Fortnite Item Shop.

The complete John Cena Set contains the following items: the John Cena Entrance Gear Outfit, the John Cena Ring Gear Alternate Style, the Five Digit Slapper Pickaxe, the WWE Championship Back Bling, and the U Can't C Me Emote.

Wrestler-turned-actor John Cena is the latest celebrity to get his own Fortnite skin, and Epic Games has made an official reveal film to celebrate.

The clip, which is styled like one of Cena's legendary ring entrances, gets us our first genuine look at the new skin, as well as some new accoutrements such as a title belt and a Five-Digit Slapper Pickaxe. You may also see the new 'U Can't C Me' emote, which can be bought independently or as part of a bundle.

Expect to see a lot more John Cenas in the coming days as the new emote becomes a mainstay in Fortnite assassins' arsenals. We're certain that no one will make that joke. You are aware. Just don't look at our titleโ€ฆ

The new skin and accessories were released early this morning in the UK and yesterday night in the US, which means you can now add this wrestler collection to your wardrobe of celebrity skins (not as weird as it sounds).

Is it reasonable to assume that when we join an ever-growing list of renowned faces on Fortnight, we will all be transformed into playable characters in the future years?

Who do you want to see in Fortnite next? Please let us know in the comments!

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